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Garment Rental Program

Industrial Workwear---Restaurant Garments---Image/Executive Wear

Image a rental garment rental program that fits into your company's budget and enhances your corporate image too!

A Band Box rental program is more than just clean uniforms:

  • scheduled pick up and delivery of clean garments

  • enhanced company image

  • increased employee moral and productivity

  • scheduled pick ups and deliveries of clean garments

  • wide selection of garment styles, colors, and sizes

  • name tags and company logos for better employee and department identification

  • prompt garment replacement or repair 

How a Band Box rental program pays off for your company:

  • no capital investment required

  • fixed costs per employee

  • closed garment inventory management

  • improved safety and cleanliness standards

  • renewed company pride and team spirit

  • the right clothing for the job

  • high garment quality standards

  • professional assistance in implementing your company image program

We offer everything you need...

  • Shirts-solids or stripes, poly blend or cotton

  • Pants-slacks or jeans, poly blend or cotton

  • Shorts

  • Shop Coats/Shop Aprons

  • Jackets/Vests

  • Coveralls

  • Lab Coats

  • Counter Coats

  • Smocks

Renting from Band Box takes the hassle out of buying and maintaining them!

Please call us today for a no-obligation garment analysis, 800-362-3305.